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[2001-01-17-WCW-Thunder] Jeff Jarrett vs Diamond Dallas Page


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I cant imagine being the type of person that buys a Choke on This SlapNuts shirt. Jarrett and DDP have a quick promo exchange before the match starts. DDP continues to have a good start to the year showing a lot of energy and conveying the same type of traits that he exuded vs N W O in late 96/early 97. He hits a quick sit out powerbomb that looked good before getting nailed with a low blow from Jarrett. Jarrett  on top wasn’t totally bad here and Page has the fans invested in him as Jarrett works a sleeper. DDP makes a good comeback and is looking for the Diamond Cutter when the cavalry comes in. We get the same schmozz finish from Monday with Kronik, Rick Steiner, Nash etc. all making the save for the faces and a big brawl ends the show. **3/4

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