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[2001-01-21-AAA] Pirata Morgan & El Texano vs Dos Caras & Dos Caras Jr.


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Quick promo to start things from Pirata and this is our debut at looking at Dos Caras Jr. Another fun match from AAA. The rudo team was living the gimmick throughout the match and the match has a logical base where  Caras senior leg is isolated and worked over to the point where he is a nonfactor for the last half of the match. They sell this well with the doctor and stretcher and whole support crew come out to tend to him. Junior defends the family honor and with the combination of his size,build and ability to hit some graceful dives, Del Rio was destined for big things already this early into his career. He does a great job being injured and selling the damage to his leg too. Both Texano and Morgan are pricks throughout the match and were delighted in their debauchery. ***1/4 (6.3)

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