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[2001-02-24-IWA-MS] Cash Flo vs Mark Wolf


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Has Cash forgotten his gear?  He blind sides Wolf as he makes his entrance, coming from the side of the arena, one of the House of Hardcore regulars doing her best to warn Wolf where he is.  There is some good stuff in the opening brawl as Cash throws him around the building, although it becomes one of those “ECW walks” back to ringside.  Wolf reverses the whip into the ring post and even though Cash goes into it at some speed, there is something comical about the way he does so.  A rake of the eyes and he’s back in control, laying in some hard knife edge chops.  He runs the grotty ring steps into Wolf and then starts picking his shots, jabbing away like a pro boxer.  Bloody hell, there’s a girl in the audience with a young baby.  Cash spots her and hurls a few insults her way.  The obligatory wrecking of the empty rows of seats.  That regular who was earlier trying to forewarn Wolf is now imploring him to get back to his feet.  Bulldog onto the ring steps.  We finally return inside where Cash brings a metal chair down across Wolf’s back.  He picks him up for a slam but Wolf with a float over and a reverse DDT onto the chair for the win.  Bar that briefest of flurries where he reversed the whip into the ring post that was his only other offensive move in the match.  Cash is not happy; he attacks both the ref and is opponent after the match, hitting some sort of jumping Flatliner on Wolf.  Harry Palmer makes the save just as Cash was about to come off the top onto a chair which he had placed over Wolf’s head.

Wolf is not someone who’s left much of a lasting impression on me so far.  It’s like he’s the whipping boy of IWA-MS; sometimes he’ll get a win, sometimes he’ll lose, every time he’ll take a beating.  Cash brought the intensity though and, with the exception of that one walk, the brawling was aggressive and on point.

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