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[2001-02-24-MCW-TV] Spanky vs Lance Cade


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Spanky thinks that it’s time they finally settle things with Lance Cade after he turned his back on the Kliq a couple of weeks ago.  Cade sprints from the dressing room to answer the challenge, Spanky quickly overwhelmed when he walks into an almighty boot.  They’re cutting a fast pace here.  Nice vertical suplex for a two.  Spanky ducks under a second big boot and spears Cade’s left knee, taking him down.  Dragon screw.  Jason Sensation passes his man a chair, the ref just watching as Spanky then hits him in the knee with it.  How on earth is that not a disqualification?  Oh, apparently since Al K. Holic started the hardcore division the refs have been getting more and more lenient with the rules.  That’s a cop out I’m afraid.  Cade makes it to his feet from the spinning toe hold however a dropkick to the knee immediately takes him back down.  Half crab submission.  Spanky heads up top for a moonsault press but Cade falls into the ropes causing him to tie himself in the Tree of Woe.  One kick is all he can manage though before that knee gives out.  He grabs the chair and places it in front of Spanky’s face which Spanky ends up launching at him despite being upside down.  Cade blocks Sliced Bread #2 and reverses it into a modified Driver.  He can’t follow up, every time it looking like he’s in control that hurt wheel letting him down.  Spanky counters the chokeslam with Sliced Bread and once more goes upstairs.  For reason known only to him Sensation enters the ring, even though Spanky has got the situation firmly under control.  Cade snatches him and throws him into the corner causing Spanky to once more crotch himself.  A chokeslam off the top follows which gets Lance the win.  It looks like Spanky has finally had enough of Jason Sensation post-match before they hug it out and make up.  Do yourself a favour Spanky and ditch this ball & chain pronto.

A real good match with a great sell job by Lance Cade that I was seriously impressed with.  These guys, along with the Haas’, are the highlights in Memphis at the moment.  Jason Sensation continues to come across as someone who they’re struggling to find a role for and he doesn’t work with the Kliq either, he’s completely out of place.  It’s not as if they need someone to do the talking for them either as Spanky could fulfil that role for the group if they wanted a designated spokesman.

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