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[2001-02-24-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Joey Abs


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A great opening as they light each other up with chops and forearm each other across the face.  Very un-Memphis like.  Dragon gets caught with a big boot and takes to the outside, Abs right out after him.  It’s mentioned that Abs knows what it’s like to be wrestling in front of 20,000 people on Raw and the quickest way to make it back there is by being the top dog in MCW.  Dragon escapes the Absolute and hits a neckbreaker.  More bomb throwing.  Spinning backfist, right out of the Aja Kong playbook.  Abs gets tossed to the floor, accidentally wiping out Jason Sensation who wasn’t paying attention.  They brawl at ringside until Dragon gets mullered with a clothesline.  He’s dragged back inside where Abs lands a powerslam for a two count.  Dragon again escapes the Absolute and connects with a roaring elbow, flooring his opponent.  Magistral Cradle for a near fall.  At the third time of asking Abs hits the Absolute and a folding press gives him the win.  There’s a bunch of run-ins post-match, supposedly the Kliq, but I only spot Spanky and the other guys look to be jobbers like Tyler Gates.  Abs starts waffling refs too before making a challenge, which goes unanswered, to anyone in the back who’s tough enough to get in the ring with him.  Even though he left a mass of bodies all over the ring the crowd were cheering wildly for him throughout all this.

Another very good TV match and in Joey Abs Dragon has an opponent prepared to give as good as good as he gets and someone who isn’t afraid of laying his stuff in.  Additionally in MCW, as opposed to MPPW, they also tend to be given longer which benefits the action greatly.  I mentioned it in his match with Reckless Youth from the Super 8 and Dragon’s Japanese flavours were on show again here.  On the back of Spanky vs Lance Cade a really strong episode of Championship Wrestling TV today.

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