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[2001-02-25-IWA Japan] Kintaro Kanemura vs Daiju Shinniwa (Street Fight)


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No audio for Kanemura’s entrance so I’m singing ‘Come Out and Play’ to myself as he does his dance, the sound kicking in about the 1:20 mark.  Shinniwa, from behind, reminds me very much of the Great Kabuki.  Like all the IWA Japan that I’ve watched so far, this is just extended highlights.  Shinniwa catches Kanemura with a sweet powerslam and a running shoulder charge sends him to the outside.  Kanemura fights back and piles a bunch of chairs up but ends up being bodyslammed onto them.  He does reverse a whip on the floor, Shinniwa taking out several rows of seats.  We lose them in the crowd, although the crowd gasp, so something happened.  Kanemura puts a table over his shoulder which he runs into Shinniwa’s head.  Back inside he hangs him upside down in the corner, jams one end of the table into his throat and then bashes the other end (the legs this end are open so the table is at a diagonal) with a chair.  He lies him on a table at ringside but is too slow climbing the turnbuckles and Shinniwa slams him through it.  Rotating powerslam.  Kanemura takes a broken piece of wood and wallops Shinniwa over the head with it.  The repeated shots have no effect Shinniwa acting like he’s Masato Tanaka after Balls Mahoney tried to kill him with a chair all those times.  Powerbomb by Kanemura for a near fall, he then picks up the three with a senton off the top.  We hear ‘Come Out and Play’ during the post-match so no copyright issues which I thought may have been why we didn’t hear it on his entrance.

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