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[2001-02-25-WWF-No Way Out] Jerry Lawler vs Steven Richards


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Tazz is substituting for ‘the King’ on commentary duties for this match.  These two are fighting for the right of the Kat to get naked; if Lawler wins that’s exactly what she does, if Richards wins then she has to join the Right to Censor.  Ivory and the Kat are in the respective corners.  Richards takes three trips to the outside in the opening few minutes, even removing his shirt after the second to show he’s serious.  Tazz clearly thinks that as he’s standing in for Lawler he must pattern himself after him, wishing Ivory would take her shirt off also.  ‘The King’ follows Richards to the floor where Ivory is in his face, running her mouth and pointing her finger at him.  The Kat is around and as Lawler holds Ivory, Kat slaps her.  The distraction allows Richards to take advantage, sending ‘the King’ into the post.  In the ring he goes for the Godfather’s Ho Train, but Lawler moves and he crashes into the turnbuckles.  Ten punches in the corner becomes twenty-six, ‘the King’ seemingly only stopping because he was getting tired.  A pair of DDT’s, however Ivory is up on the apron so a preoccupied Teddy Long doesn’t see the cover as he deals with her.  That brings the Kat in and this all gets a bit of a mess from here with the women and Teddy.  Kat’s interference ultimately costs her as she goes to clock Richards with Ivory’s Women’s title but ends up accidentally nailing Lawler instead, the KO’d King easy pickings from there.  Post-match the rest of the Right to Censor are out, they cover Kat in a black gown and Sean Morley puts her over his shoulder to carry her to the back.

Considering the match they had that aired on MCW TV this was a let down and not a patch on that.  I like Ivory but the women weren’t good here.  Also can’t believe they at least didn’t repeat the spot of Lawler pulling down the strap and then Richards pulling it back up!

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