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[2001-02-26-WCW-Nitro] Scott Steiner & Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell vs Booker T & Diamond Dallas Page & The Cat


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After Booker had evened things up at the end of the previous match, the World champion, who is still in the aisle, mocks him, saying how DDP said he was going to bring “somebody” when all Booker T is is a “nobody”.  Seeing that Steiner has got some buddies with him, Booker responds that he’s got some buddies of his own and why don’t they do this right now?  When Booker mentions Midajah that sets Steiner off who tells Ric Flair to make the match.  ‘The Boss’ does and the six-man is on.

Flair sticks around, joining the commentary team and promising that Booker will be a dead man by the time this is over.  After the initial brawl things settle down.  Bagwell starts dancing so Page surprises him with a clothesline from the top turnbuckle.  Big sit-out powerbomb that Buff kicks out of.  Booker immediately makes a charge for Steiner on his first entrance, the champ though just dropping down from the apron out of range.  The Cat gets kneed in the back as he hits the ropes allowing Luger to nail him with a running forearm.  Steiner puts him over his shoulder, running him into their corner, before distracting the referee so that Totally Buff can get some double teaming in.  There’s a clear game plan from the heel trio to isolate the weakest member of the opposition.  Bagwell throws Cat to the floor, draws his partners into the ring and then as the ref tries to get them back outside, Steiner uses a chair against him.  Back inside the official fails to see Cat’s tag, an incensed Booker ushered out to his corner.  Luger runs into a back elbow and Cat with a jumping thrust kick.  Hot tag to Page who jabs away at Lex.  He’s briefly handling all three of them but concentrates his efforts too much on Steiner.  Buff and DDP each throw lariats at the same time, Page falling on top for a near fall.  Flair is extremely excitable on commentary.  Booker is in with Tony Schiavone thinking he’s never looked better.  Bagwell catches him with a double arm DDT while at the same time his partners lay out the Cat and Page, so when Booker looks for a tag there is no-one there and he’s all alone.  With Booker worn down Steiner now wants him and gives him a belly to belly.   The champ throws him to the floor but Booker reverses the whip into the railing.  Page and Cat have recovered and they take it to Totally Buff.  Missile dropkick by Booker, Steiner barely getting a shoulder up.  Luger clobbers Booker from behind stopping his momentum.  Steiner T-Bones Cat and then puts him in the Recliner.  Booker slugs ‘BPP’ from the apron and clotheslines him across the top rope, staggering into a Diamond Cutter.  Blockbuster on Page, swiftly followed by the Book End on Buff.  Just Steiner and Booker remain, Booker landing an axe kick and getting a pin over the World champion.  The faces don’t stick around too long, into the crowd as they see the rest of the Magnificent Seven on their way.

A shockingly good match with a great closing stretch.  WCW has primarily been a tale of strong undercard matches, mainly with the Cruisers, and some utter filth on top, this is one I’d recommend going out of your way to check out.

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