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[2001-02-26-WCW-Nitro] Shane Helms vs Shannon Moore


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Evan Karagias is seconding Shannon as they recap his turn on Jamie Noble and the reuniting of two-thirds of 3 Count.  Shane has got some new music, although it’s not yet ‘Vertebreaker’.  While his victory at Superbrawl is being recapped, Shannon gets the jump on him.  He climbs the turnbuckles to rain down some punches but Shannon picks him up and comes running out with a Liger bomb.  Scott Hudson, who is fast turning into WCW’s version of Joey Styles with all these names he makes up for moves, calls that the Sugar bomb.  Helms slugs Shannon to the floor, however as he chases him around ringside and back into the ring, when he tries to slide in himself Karagias grabs him by the pants allowing Shannon to take over.  Tumbleweed off the top.  Shane avoids the charge, Sugar Smack and he’s back in control already.  Karagias pulls Helms to the outside, but he’s giving as good as he gets and Shannon’s tope con hilo ends up wiping out his own partner rather than his opponent.  High crossbody for a near fall.  He calls for the Vertebreaker when Karagias is up on the apron distracting him.  Shannon tries to take advantage but Helms reverses the Bottoms Up into the Vertebreaker for the win.  As Shane celebrates the victory he’s jumped by Chavo Guerrero Jr who orchestrates a three on one attack on his rival.

A short match and it already feels like Helms is now some way ahead of his former partners.

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