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[2001-02-28-CZW-Destruction in Dover] Nick Berk vs Yoshihiro Tajiri / Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Zandig


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Nick Berk vs Yoshihiro Tajiri (CZW Destruction in Dover 2/28/01)

Zandig in the house!  He’s glad to be back in the USA (he’s just been on a tour for Big Japan) and for anyone that doesn’t know informs them that this is his company and he does things his way.  The Boss ladies and gentlemen!  Zandig sounds like he’s been drinking.  He doesn’t think Berk deserves the World title so offers Tajiri a shot at it right now.  There’s a condition attached though, that is if he wins he has to guarantee him (Zandig) a crack at the belt.  Tajiri nods while some fans in the crowd shout “Indeed!”  Considering this is his company, surely Zandig can just take a shot whenever he wants and doesn’t need Tajiri’s approval?

Berk offers Tajiri a hand, which he accepts, but Berk double crosses him booting him in the gut.  All that did was wind Tajiri up as he no sells his leg lariat and then reddens his chest with some open hand slaps.  Berk is on his knees begging off, he offers his hand for a second time, however this time it’s Tajiri who crosses him, kicking him around the side of the head.  A bit of back and forth before Tajiri blocks the Berk Driver and hits a Brain Buster to become the new CZW World champion.  Oh Z-Barr fast counted the pin just like in the previous match.  Tajiri parades the title around the ring when he’s interrupted by ‘The Boss’...

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Zandig (CZW Destruction in Dover 2/28/01)

...’The Boss’ tells Tajiri how he’s been bringing him to CZW as he wanted him to be their World champion and he’s finally done it.  Fans are already yelling “It’s a set up!”  Zandig raises Tajiri’s hand then blindsides him with a short armed clothesline, Barr fast counting again as we have the third new World champion in the space of about five minutes.

Zandig says how twice he bought Tajiri into CZW and he couldn’t get the job done.  It’s his fucking company, he’s the fucking champion and he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about it.  He hasn’t seen any barbed wire all night so orders the staff to wrap some around the ropes and challenges Wifebeater to come out and face him because he hates his fucking guts.

Don’t worry Tajiri, a few months from now you’ll be in the WWF and this will all be forgotten.

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