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[2001-02-28-CZW-Destruction in Dover] Zandig vs Wifebeater vs Rockin Rebel (Barbed Wire)


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The guy who is reffing looks very much like the chap who goes on to play the Rob Feinburg character.  Somehow the Rockin’ Rebel has wangled his way into this.  Christ, is it any wonder the crowds here behave the way they do when someone like Rebel’s promo consists of nothing but racial and homophobic slurs?  It takes all of thirty seconds before these three leave the ring and start brawling on the outside.  The barbed wire gets used as a cheese grater while Rebel and Beater each take bumps onto the metal chairs, Beater getting powerbombed into them.  Zandig gets caught with a belly to back on the floor.  Beater throws Rebel over an actual bar but then gets whipped into the barbed wire by Zandig.  Gargiulo thinks we’re going to see a murder with Zandig and Wifebeater in the ring at the same time.  Yeah, because Smartmark video are known for their snuff movies!  Sloppy slingshot rolling cradle.  Beater escapes the Mutha F’N’ bomb and a double clothesline sees both men go down.  A table as been set up at ringside, Rebel press slammed from the ring out through it.  Zandig gives Wifebeater a Falcon Arrow onto some fluorescent light tubes.  Tajiri and Justice Pain are back, Tajiri putting an Octopus hold on ‘the Boss’.  Justice goes to break a light tube over Rebel but he moves and he accidentally breaks it over Beater, Rebel then making the cover to steal the win.  Things look tense between Beater and Pain although it looks like they make up before leaving.  An unaware Rebel thinks he’s been screwed out of the title again, not realising this was non-title all along.

CZW shows continue to end on a flat note.

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