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[2001-02-28-WCW-Thunder] Jung Dragons vs Kwee Wee & Mike Sanders


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Our second match in the first round of the Cruiserweight tag team title tournament.  We actually have brackets now, the winners of this going on to face the winners of A.J. Styles & Air Paris vs Elix Skipper and a mystery partner.  Kwee Wee and Sanders are arguing and pointing fingers at one another before this has even got going so it looks like they’re doing the reluctant partners gimmick.  Kaz reminds Yang to give the sign for the belts as they step through the curtain.  Sanders starts for his team and wants to brawl, which considering he has the size advantage and isn’t known for being a flyer is a smart move.  A Kaz armdrags sends him to the outside.  He goes for a pescado, Sanders steps away, however Kaz is able to land on his feet and catch him with a headscissors on the floor.  Kwee Wee uppercuts Kaz, he’s though then taken out by a flying Yang who comes out of nowhere.  The Dragon work some combination moves on Kwee.  Yang lands a Lionsault as does Kaz.  They telegraph the double backdrop big time, Kwee leaping to the middle rope and trying for a reverse springboard double sunset flip.  He can’t get them over so Sanders provides some assistance with a double dropkick.  Double Thesz press by Kwee Wee.  With the Dragon stacked up Sanders drops a knee to the pair.  Kwee suplexes Kaz into the turnbuckles and Yang is in for the save, pulling Kwee off by his hair.  I think that awoke ‘Angry Alan’ as he drags Yang into the ring by his own hair and throws him around by it with a couple of hair mares.  He runs into a back elbow and a Yang headscissors takes Kwee face first into the middle pad.  Neckbreaker for Sanders.  ‘Above Average’ Mike puts on the breaks, keeping hold of the arm and sliding back through Yang’s legs to land a great pumphandle suplex.  Kwee and Sanders are working well as a team, even doing an old Rock & Roll Express spot, with the Kwee Wee knee lift after Sanders clubs Yang in the gut.  Front suplex, Yang getting dumped across the top rope.  Snap suplex by Kwee.  Yang gets whipped to the corner but he jumps to the second rung and catches Kwee with a reverse tornado DDT.  Each man makes a tag as we have two fresh men in there.  Kaz busts out a step up enzuigiri followed by an inverted bulldog.  Combination Assault Driver/powerbomb by the Dragons, Sanders breaking up the pin attempt.  Asai moonsault to Sanders.  Kwee Wee is nailed by a jumping back kick and he’s sent sprawling to the outside.  Yang with a reverse crossbody off the apron to the floor onto him.  He trips Sanders from ringside as he comes off the ropes, Kaz then using his head as a football.  Yang Time and the Dragons advance in a cracker.

All kinds of fun with plenty of innovation and a great showcase match for the Cruiserweight tag team division.  Kwee Wee continues to impress me and he and Sanders were a surprisingly good little unit and foils for the Dragons.

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