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[2001-02-28-WCW-Thunder] Scott Steiner vs Booker T


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Tony Schiavone is extremely optimistic about this match up, in his words “two guys who set the standard for title matches in 2000.”  We get a recap of Booker’s pinfall over the World champion on Nitro 48 hours ago.  On the back of that pinfall Booker had wanted a title match, which Ric Flair wouldn’t give him, so he decided to take this one-on-one match anyway.  A Sandman like entrance from ‘Big Poppa Pump’ here.  They make up for that by wasting no time when he does finally get inside.  An elbow flush to the jaw sends the champion tumbling to the floor, Booker goes to follow him out but referee Mickey Jay tells him to stay in.  He heeds his words, the commentators believing that’s smart thinking on his part, not allowing Steiner to potentially use anything like chairs, the metal ring steps etc. against him.  Booker wants a test of strength but Steiner boots him in the gut and takes over until an explosive clothesline out of the corner.  BPP absorbs ‘the Book’s’ punches, lifts him up and crotches him across the top rope.  Steinerline, elbow drop, get up off the pin at two to do push ups sequence.  He punts Booker in the ribs while continuing to jaw with the fans.  Belly to belly.  Booker catches him with a sunset flip and then connects on the Harlem side kick for a near fall.  He heads upstairs and although Steiner is up after him, he fights him off to land the missile dropkick.  Despite this being non-title they clearly didn’t fancy having Steiner job on consecutive shows, his brother Rick out for the DQ.  Booker gets in the first shot, hits a Book End on Scotty, but is overpowered by ‘the DFG’.  DDP evens things up giving Rick a Diamond Cutter before dragging Booker out of there through the crowd as the rest of the Magnificent Seven arrive on the scene.

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