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[2001-05-04-CMLL] Ultimo Guerrero & Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr vs Satanico & Shocker & Black Warrior

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I took a long break from this stuff so I need to relearn the lay of the land. This is rudos contra rudos. Satanico hates Ultimo Guerrero. Ultimo Guerrero hates Satanico. Shocker hates Bestia Salvaje and Emilio Charles Jr. Bestia Salvaje & Emilio Charles Jr hate Shocker. And Black Warrior's the guy wondering "why can't we all be friends?" This had some decent moments, but it was hardly red hot considering Satanico and Ultimo were about to have a singles match. Ultimo Guerrero fouled Satanico with a foreign object, which I guess is a step up from a low blow, but doesn't bode well for their mano a mano. 

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