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[1994-05-06-UWFi] Hiromitsu Kanehara & Yoshihiro Takayama vs Billy Scott & Dan Severn


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For a sub-five minute tag match, this had its moments. I liked the feisty opening exchange between Scott and Kanehara, and the rough-and-tumble stuff between Takayama and Severn. Takayama lays into Severn with just about everything he has and Severn's just trying to swoop in for a suplex, which he does...several times. At one point, he hits a capture sidewalk slam, which was pretty cool. And of course, a major highlight is Takayama kicking Severn in the butt when he's under the ropes. The tags are super quick, and Kanehara's strikes are on point. The high kick to Scott's head, the running high knee to Severn's face, and his mule kick counter, which led to the KO finish.

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