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[1994-06-10-UWFi] Salman Hashimikov & Victor Zangiev vs Kazuo Yamazaki & Yoji Anjo


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UWFi tags are clunky but this had some pretty great moments, especially the stuff between Anjo and Zagiev, with Anjo trying to be sly and Zangiev realizing that, and responding accordingly. He demonstrates this a little later on when Anjo's trying to roll out of holds and Zagiev rolls right with him to keep him pinned down. Hashimikov doesn't have the finesse of Zangiev but he's good kick fodder for Yamazaki and Anjo. At one point, he does use a shoot-style Sharpshooter...of sorts. But Zangiev is the major attraction here and his kip up escape is a real crowd pleaser. I like that Yamazaki countered his rolling takedowns with a rear choke sleeper, and then later, Yamazaki trying to sneak in the German on the ropes was great. Anjo being a dick to Hashimikov in the ropes and then Zangiev in the corner is why Anjo is so good in these matches. Zangiev using the rolling cattle mutilation into the wakigatame was a dope finish. Fun stuff. 

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