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[2001-07-08-AJW-Japan Grand Prix] Momoe Nakanishi vs Kaoru Ito

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I always liked this feud more than Momoe vs. Maekawa. The first half of this involves Momoe being hopelessly outmatched and scrapping like hell to stay in the fight. The second half is a lot more back-and-forth with Momoe trying to spring the upset. If you're looking for a believable transition from one half to the other, you've come to the wrong match. But I still think Momoe is one of the more exciting things about 2001. She ends up flaming out, but if you think about the year in isolation, there's not a lot to cheer about. At least she was giving it her all in the tradition of Mimi Hagiwara, Cutie Suzuki and Mayumi Ozaki. 

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