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[1994-08-18-UWFi] Naoki Sano & Yoji Anjo vs Victor Zangiev & Vladimir Berkovich


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Berkovich was a non-factor in this but that being said, Zangiev continues to rule, and his exchanges with both Sano and Anjo were easy highlights. Him sliding in with the leg trip to set up the Sharpshooter was dope, and then when Sano tries to break out of the full nelson, Zangiev accordions him with a German suplex. Anjo was EXTRA shitty during the finishing stretch, where he just lays into Zangiev with knees and slaps and clocks him with a high kick to the cheekbone for the KO. What a finish. Not a great tag by any means but this made me really want to see a singles match between Sano and Zangiev. 

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