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[1994-08-18-UWFi] Gary Albright vs Kiyoshi Tamura


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This has to be one of Gary's best singles performances in UWFi but it helps when your dance partner is Kiyoshi Tamura. Despite Tamura's presence, this still had some slower moments but Gary was definitely trying more on the mat than he has before. And the drama really bubbled to the finish. All of the suplex teases were well done, and Tamura's close calls with the armbars added tons to this. I mean, it's over 10 minutes before Gary hits his first suplex. Loved Tamura's enziguri counter, and him consistently slipping through Albright's fingers as he tries to set him up for the dragon suplex. One of my favorite parts of the match is when Gary nonchalantly slaps Tamura while he's got him on the ground, and Tamura responds with fire and sends Gary to the ropes. But that only pisses off Gary, who hits the belly-to-belly to set up another dragon suplex attempt, which Tamura is able to block...but not before Gary hits the back-to-back Germans to finish him off. 

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