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[2001-08-10-CMLL] Black Tiger & Negro Casas & Villano IV vs Black Warrior & Blue Panther & Fuerza Guerrera

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This starts off with some sweet Blue Panther vs. Villano IV exchanges. Panther has pretty much reconfirmed in his past two matches that he's the best worker in Mexico at this time. They follow that up with Negro vs. Fuerza, which is a match up with a lot of history. And then there's the more spot heavily Black Tiger vs. Black Warrior stuff, which a nice counter balance. The first fall is an excellent caida. Then they cut to the end of the second fall and try some sort of angle where Black Tiger turns rudo? I'm not sure where they're going with this. He drops Black Warrior on his head with his finishing move, and Casas and Villano think he's crazy. Then he cuts an awesome promo at ringside pretending to be Japanese, and attacks Black Warrior while he's being stretchered away. We'll have to see if they follow up on this. 

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