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[1994-10-08-UWFi-The King's Road: Budokan] Kiyoshi Tamura & Dan Severn vs Yoji Anjo & Steve Nelson


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Probably the third best match of an otherwise disappointing night, with a hot opening exchange between Tamura and Anjo. Tamura's armbar counter out of nowhere was slick as hell but Anjo is quick to re-counter. The stuff between Anjo and Severn was also entertaining, as it seemed like Anjo wanted nothing to do with him. But that led to some stiff work from Anjo, both on the ground and standing up, where he popped Severn's nose like a tick with an open palm strike. Loved the moment where they both nearly tumble out of the ring, getting tied up in the ropes. Nelson didn't do much at all except get suplexed by Severn and struggle on the mat. Severn basically chokeslamming him to set up the single leg crab was a big highlight. Tamura taps out Nelson with the choke, despite Nelson's best efforts to counter out. Good stuff from three of the four involved.

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