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[2001-07-26-IWRG] El Dandy & Felino & Pantera vs Bestia Salvaje & Hijo del Diablo & Bombero Infernal

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Bestia Salvaje is so great. He comes into this territory after being kind of static in CMLL and pops the building with this electric Dandy feud. And man did he light a fire under Dandy. I always thought it was the Navarro feud that led to Dandy's revival, but evidently it Bestia who kick started it. The pair have past history, but it's the simple action of beating the shit out of each other that really gets the crowd going. Tracking Bestia in this match isn't hard since the cameraman gravitates towards him, but keep an eye on the things he does. If he were still alive, he could be in a YouTube ad offering his own master classic in how to work a building. This is a good example of how a hot through line can make a trios matches significantly better. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say Bestia vs. Dandy was the best thing in lucha in July 2001. Hopefully, they don't botch it.

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