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[2001-09-21-CMLL] Atlantis & Blue Demon Jr & Negro Casas vs Satanico & Averno & Mephisto

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Satanico has been slicking his hair back in recent weeks. It looks so smooth. What is Blue Demon Jr doing  in CMLL? Riding on Santo's coat-tails, I presume. You'd think a week out from the Anniversary Show they'd have a big brawl between the Infernales teams, but we get a lot of Satanico vs. Atlantis here, so I'm happy. In fact, I genuinely think his work against Atlantis is better than anything he's done all year. Casas vs. Averno was also really good. Casas has been on a tear of late against the likes of Black Warrior and Averno. Things are shaping up nicely when suddenly the Infernales attack. You didn't think we'd have a go-home show with the Infernales fighting, did you? The tecnicos decide to help Satanico's side out and all hell breaks loose.  Then, in classic Mexico fashion, the tecnicos get bored and leave the rudos to fare for themselves. The brawling goes on for too long and there's no real cliffhanger like on an episode of RAW or Smackdown, but you can imagine Ross losing his shit over what's gonna happen at the Anniversario when these two teams meet in a steel cage match.

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