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[2001-09-21-CMLL] El Hijo del Santo & Lizmark Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Bestia Salvaje & Fuerza Guerrera & Tarzan Boy

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The story here was that Fuerza didn't want to wrestle his boy. Juventud has been teasing a rudo turn in recent weeks, so when they finally squared off it was no surprise that they did a Hulk Hogan Finger Poke of Doom. Santo demanded that they fight each other, which led to a big beatdown of Santo. While Santo took a beating, Juventud stood around doing nothing. The tecnicos finally mounted a comeback, and just as Santo as about to inflict some justice on Fuerza, Juventud intervened and turned rudo. As far as I'm aware, Juventud didn't last very long in CMLL, but at least this angle thrust Fuerza into the spotlight for a change. 

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