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[1993-11-28-AJW-Wrestling Queendom 1993] Plum Mariko & Mayumi Ozaki & Devil Masami & Dynamite Kansai vs Suzuka Minami & Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita & Akira Hokuto


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This is an elimination match but starts off like Thunderqueen, I guess AJW was trying to capture the brilliance of Thunderqueen a few months prior.  Minami and Masami open up for the first five minutes, and Minami surprisingly holds her own but she gets bombed to hell, just holds out long enough to draw the first 5 minutes.  Then we get Ozaki vs Shimoda for another five minutes, and we get another draw.  Then, in comes the Mita vs Mariko matchup, Mita completely owns Mariko until Mariko pulls out a kneebar, and...we get another draw.  Now we get Akira Hokuto face off with Dynamite Kansai.  Test of strength, and here come the kicks, and Hokuto is literally kicked out of the ring.  Right when Kansai hits the Splash Mountain, we get another draw.  So that's 20 minutes gone with literally no consequences.  JWP gets a collective superplex for 2.  And then we go a Survivor Series tag team match.  The elimination of Mariko by Minami feels really strange, since Minami and LCO were on defense literally seconds before the fall, but a simple power bomb gets the elimination.  Devil Masami gets in, and LCO hit a series of dives and Minami gets a sloppy tope.  Then JWP hits Hokuto with a series of lariats, but Hokuto eliminates Masami with a victory roll.  JWP is now down to Ozaki and Kansai.  Hokuto gets the LCO pose on Kansai! And then a four way diving headbutt! We get a Ozaki vs Shimoda matchup and Ozaki gets a bridged suplex to eliminate Shimoda really quickly. 3-2 AJW. Ozaki with a power bomb to Hokuto, and a double diving headbutt.  Minami is in against Ozaki and gets some pretty big near falls.  OZAKI chants in AJW.  Ozaki gets a schoolboy against Mita to be able to tag in Kansai, and she wrecks Minami and Mita to eliminate Mita.  Minami is then quickly eliminated by a double power bomb clothesline move.  This wins the match?  Hokuto never got eliminated.  

I thought the wrestling was mostly really good, but the booking of this match is not that great.  Just about half of this match is complete filler (well I guess the Kansai/Hokuto face off was pretty cool).  If this match started off after the final draw, I would have liked this match a lot better.

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