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[1997-06-17-AJW] Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda vs Toshiyo Yamada & Manami Toyota


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The last LCO vs Toyota/Yamada matchup I watch (1994.01.24), LCO was clearly not equals to Toyota/Yamada, but that gap has narrowed by a lot.  Also Shimoda is the queen bitch now, she is great.  LCO's hardcore wrestling starts about 5 minutes in with chair shots, and Toyota does a blade job.  The female commentator looks shocked at the brawling on the outside.  Toyota has enough of Shimoda's shit, and she is a bloody mess, but Mita crushes her chair shots.  Haha, the table is already bloody before getting used for a power bomb spot.  For some reason the ref refuses to count a Shimoda German suplex hold, so she kicks him.  Toyota hits a moonsault on Mita, but Shimoda breaks up a pin with chair shots to the leg.  Shimoda accidentally cracks Mita in the head with a chairshot, and here we go to the finishing sequence.  Yamada gets tagged in and eats a chairshot followed by the Death Valley Bomb for two!  Yamada gets a big near fall at the end, but Mita gets the huge pinball win on Yamada with the Death Valley Bomb.  This got about 15-16 minutes and it was a fun match, not too much filler.

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