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[2001-09-28-CMLL 68th Anniversary Show] Negro Casas & Black Tiger & Villano IV & Lizmark Jr vs Dr. Wagner Jr & Fuerza Guerrera & Juventud Guerrera & Universo 2000

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They threw this together at the last moment, didn't they? It's not a bad match, but it never really takes off. Casas tries to make his beef with Juventud a big deal, but it's hard to believe the tecnicos hate Juvie as much as they do when he's only been on the scene five minutes. There is a funny part where Casas puts him over his knee and gives him a good old spanking, but aside from that the angle with Juventud fizzles. The last time we saw Black Tiger he'd gone loco and was dropping guys on their heads. Not sure what happened to that development. I was disappointed that he didn't square off with Wagner and finish what they started a few months back. We do get Casas vs. Wagner, which we missed out on seeing last year, so there's that. But then Wagner does one of his bullshit Wagner finishes and spoils it. 

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