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[2001-10-16-CMLL] Villano IV vs Ultimo Guerrero

ohtani's jacket

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This was about as good as a sub-10 minute mano a mano can get, I suppose. Mano a manos are usually shorter than title matches or apuesta matches, but this was kind of taking the piss. The action was good, but of course it had to get screwy. Mascara Magica interfered in the end and pulled Villano IV's mask off. I was disappointed that he had the same male pattern balding as his father and brother (not my image of Villano IV), but surprisingly a ton of fans left after the finish. I don't remember seeing that before. Afterwards, Villano IV made an empty mascara contra mascara challenge, but I suppose dyed in the wool lucha fans should be used to that. 

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