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[2001-10-26-CMLL] Satanico & Felino & Black Warrior vs Tarzan Boy & Black Tiger & Mascara Magica

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This had a lot going for it. Felino was being given a singles push again, Black Warrior and Black Tiger had a burgeoning feud, and there was some awesome brawling between Satanico and Mascara Magica. It's always great watching guys face off again after an apuestas, so it was cool that we got this match up. I was really into this and then they did a bullshit finish. I could have cried. Where's the Commission?! Why don't they do something about these bullshit finishes, huh? Tarzan Boy is so annoying. Hey, you worked me, but you ruined the match jackass! I really liked what they had going here.

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