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[2001-11-02-CMLL] El Hijo del Santo & Negro Casas vs Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero

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Excellent bout. If you want to cherry pick the best CMLL matches of 2001 then this is definitely on the list. Long form tag match with proper length falls and compelling work throughout. Santo and Casas finally win the tag titles with no monkey business at the end. The director has a clever idea at the end to juxtapose Bucanero's anguished face with shots of people smiling. It works the first time, but suddenly the dude thinks he's Eisenstein and it turns into the most over-the-top montage in lucha history. The rudo fan with the cowbell is so chill. I'd love to know what that guy does during the rest of the week. Santo is close to pinching Lucha WOTY at this point, though I do think Casas is the driving force behind making this feud work.  

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