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[2003-05-24-ARSION] Mariko Yosida vs Megumi Fujii


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This is from ARSION's penultimate show and has a 3 five minute rounds.  It's also Fujii's pro wrestling debut.  Lots of mat wrestling to start off, and Fujii is legit badass, might be the greatest badass in women's wrestling history, so she has no problem doing wrestling.  Yoshida is the one doing the "pro wrestling" moves, she does a pedigree, stomps, Air Raid Crash attempts, while Fuji is doing sweeps, arm bars, triangle chokes, etc for most of the match until Fujii pulls out a huracanrana late in the second round.  Yoshida gets a Spider Twist at the end of the round, but Fujii gets saved by the bell.  Fujii gets this crazy submission hold attempt in the third round and gets a guillotine choke which Yoshida sells like death, before getting a suplex to break it.  A fast sequence of reversals from multiple Air Raid Crashes and pin attempts and Yoshida eventually gets on top to get the pin.  Really, really good match, it almost goes the distance but feels like 3 minutes to me.

After the match, Yumiko Hotta comes out and challenges Yoshida.  I guess this was to eventually build up the transition to AtoZ.

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