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[2001-11-23-CMLL] Emilio Charles Jr vs Apolo Dantes (Hair vs Hair)

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I haven't followed the build up to this, but it's Emilio vs. Dantes, whom we're all familiar with and have seen in apuestas matches before. Emilio is still infatuated with the blonde-haired woman at ringside and brings her flowers. There's an attractive dark-haired woman who seems to be in Apolo's corner. The match is simple, but effective. Its main focus is on setting up the Shocker vs. Emilio apuestas match for the following month, so don't expect it be worked like a blow off match. Emilio is broken and hobbled, and not the worker he once was, but if you accept him for the worker that he is, he can still carry a storyline. He wins the match by smashing Apolo over the head with the flower vase. The bookers have clearly been watching 2001 WWF. It actually works better in this setting as those types of finishes rarely happen. Apolo gets busted open hard way, which leads to a cool visual of his blood stained shaven head. Suddenly, there's a huge commotion at ringside when a female fan attacks Emilio's love interest. I don't think that was part of the storyline, as there's a mad swarm to tear them apart. Afterward, Apolo's lady tries not to laugh while he's getting his head shaved and there's this big, beefy bodyguard standing next to her like he's auditioning for the secret service. Not a bad night's entertainment. 

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