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[2001-04-02-WWF-Raw] Eddy Guerrero & Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn vs APA & Test


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Eddy Guerrero is the new European champion after defeating Test Wrestlemania, getting plenty of help from his Radical buddies in the process.  This crowd are hot!  They were pumped for the opening segment but even Test is getting a rapturous response.  JR says that this is a six-man tag match, although he doesn’t know who Test’s partners are.  Eddy makes light of Test no longer being the champion and also that he hasn’t got any friends to back him up.  Someone spoke to soon, out stride the APA who’ve got his back.  Guerrero immediately high tails it out of the ring, leaving Saturn and Malenko to face the brunt of the opening attack.  Bradshaw telegraphs the backdrop and gets floored by a Saturn swinging neckbreaker.  Tag to Malenko but its like running into a brick wall when he tries to shoulder barge him.  Fallaway slam.  Eddy’s off the top with a crossbody, however he gets caught and tossed too.  Saturn from behind with a pumphandle suplex as the Radicalz go about double teaming Bradshaw, the official busy dealing with the opposition.  They stomp him down, seemingly having singled him out as the man to target.  Leg lariat by Malenko.  Bradshaw charges out the corner with a big shoulderblock to Saturn and the fight back is on.  Saturn tags to Eddy while at the same time Bradshaw hot tags to Test who can finally get his hands on the man who dethroned him last night.  Eddy offers his hand, trying to apologise, but that just gets brushed aside.  Huge military press dropping Eddy across the top turnbuckle.  Gut wrench powerbomb, Malenko in for the save.  Tilt-a-whirl slam on Malenko.  Saturn with a belly to back followed by his spinning cradle suplex finisher.  Faarooq breaks that up as the match breaks down.  Test with a full nelson slam on Saturn for a near fall.  Terri, who is on the apron, gets dragged into the ring, but while Saturn comes to her rescue, he then walks into an almighty big boot that gives Team Test the victory.

Test was great as the hot tag and seeing him in something like this you do feel he could’ve been so much more than what he was.  The way he throws that big boot especially looks devastating, although admittedly a fair percentage of the plaudits for that go to the guys selling it.  Eddy continues to be a treat and he really doesn’t need to be aligned/saddled with Malenko and Saturn any more.  They’ve already got Benoit away from them, sooner rather than later now for Eddy please.

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