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[2001-04-02-WWF-Raw] Rhyno vs Crash Holly


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Crash has been looking for more competition outside of the Light Heavyweight division so made an open challenge, one that has been accepted by Rhyno.  We’re informed that everyone involved in the previous evening’s TLC II match has the night off to recover.  Nice headscissors take down by Crash.  Rhyno is such a great base for these aerial moves, he showed it in ECW and has done so far in the WWF.  He reverses the whip to the corner but Crash avoids his charge as he goes crashing in to the turnbuckles.  Missile dropkick off the top.  That’s no sold and Rhyno with a gore for the win.  As he celebrates, he turns around into a Molly-Go-Round, which is very un-Molly like to do something like that after the match!  Rhyno no sells that too and then gores her, it being noted first Lita, now her. 

Your gentle reminder that that was your WWF Light Heavyweight champion jobbing clean in about sixty seconds.

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