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[2001-04-07-IWA-PR] Kane & Hugo Savinovich vs Chicky Starr & Victor the Bodyguard


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As in WWF Spanish announcer Hugo Savinovich!  Hugo, who is wearing a WWF Attitude T-shirt, introduces Kane to a huge ovation.  Video quality is fine for the close up camera work, but is pretty rough when we switch to the hard cam at the back of the building as the wrestlers blur into the fans.  Kane stalks Chicky and Victor around ringside and into the ring where Hugo is able to get in a few shots before they take over.  The heels get the heat on him with Kane making occasional forays into the ring to stop the attack and help his partner out.  Hugo pulling out a surfboard after one such occasion is one of the more surreal things of the year.  He can never maintain the advantage though and the match always returns to Chicky and Victor controlling.  As it looks like Hugo is about to make the tag, Victor is in, causing a distraction so that the ref misses it.  With the official trying to get Kane back onto the apron, seeing his partner being double teamed, he just brushes him aside to help out.  The crowd react to everything Kane does, every punch he throws, it’s something seeing them react like this.  Double clothesline.  He grabs Chicky for a chokeslam when their valet slides into the ring and low blows him from behind.  Kane must have iron balls as he totally no sells it.  Chokeslam for the valet and Chicky is in bits.  A chokeslam for Chicky and Hugo with a running splash for the win.  For some reason Kane chokeslams Hugo after the match and he ends up being bloodied up by the opposition, Glamour Boy Shane eventually running them off.

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