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[2001-04-07-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Shooter Schultz


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The Kliq are in the dressing room where Spanky says how they’ve had a lot of problems recently so he’s calling a meeting in the ring right now.

David Jett introduces the remaining members of the Kliq, Jason Sensation nowhere to be seen having “gone missing”.  I hope that is code for he’s been canned.  Spanky reiterates that they’ve been having a lot of problems within the group, however when he talks about a bigger problem in their manager being gone, neither Shooter Schultz nor the American Dragon are too bothered by the fact.  Shooter thinks that they’re better off without him while Dragon is more concerned about his upcoming match with William Regal.  That irks Schultz, who is fed up of hearing about it, and he and Dragon come to blows while Spanky desperately fails to separate the pair.  A ref shows up leading to an impromptu atch, it looking like the Kliq has well and truly fallen apart.

Shooter and Dragon chop the hell out of each other with stiff shots.  Dragon fires back after the Butterfly suplex with forearms before jamming his foot into Shooter’s throat.  Hard kicks to the lower back.  On the first cover of the match, Dragon rubs his wrist tape into Schultz’s face as he makes it.  Spanky has joined Jett at the commentary desk and despite Jett’s questioning is clinging to the belief that this isn’t the end of the Kliq.  Shooter boots Dragon in the bread basket as he takes over.  Backbreaker followed by a snap suplex.  Dragon responds with forearms, a backflip and then a running forearm smash.  Spanky returns to ringside, clearly not as confident as he may claim about things not being over for the group.  More strikes out of Dragon, this time some Martial Arts style kicks and Muay Thai knees.  Shooter snatches and T-Bones him and then heads to the outside to collect a metal chair.  He’s about to make use of it when Spanky climbs up to the apron to prevent him from doing so.  As the two argue, Dragon nails Shooter from behind with the roaring elbow, Shooter and Spanky’s heads both crashing into that chair they were arguing over, and he makes the cover for the win, Spanky’s interference yet again costing Shooter.

A snug, stiff little match for Memphis TV.  I have to believe this is the end of the Kliq, although with how they’ve been booked struggle to see where the three of them go from here.  Dragon at least has the William Regal match coming up but I can’t see any of them being a threat to the Heavyweight title, unless Dragon somehow pulls off a shock win that night.  Mid-card beckons I feel.  I’m probably even happier than Shooter Schultz to see the back of Jason Sensation.

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