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[2001-04-08-WWF-Sunday Night Heat] Eddy Guerrero vs Test


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William Regal is on guest commentary with Tazz and Michael Cole.  Not sure if he’s been at WWF New York with them throughout the show or whether he’s just shown up for his match.  The Commissioner is very happy that Eddy Guerrero is the European champion, a man who brings pride and honour to the belt, unlike Test, who has a face he says he would never tire of hitting!  Eddy escapes the military press but gets caught with a rapid tilt-a-whirl slam.  He launches him skywards, the champion coming down chest first to the mat.  Gut wrench powerbomb.  Test is running through his impact moves early here.  A drop toe hold seemingly stops his momentum.  Cole wants to know if the Commissioner is going to punish Steve Austin for his attack on Jim Ross the other night.  Regal’s almost in shock that he would even ask such a thing, saying how Ross was obviously asking questions that he shouldn’t have been asking and he upset the man!  Test blocks having his head rammed into the corner and then does so to Eddy, who gives it the wobbly leg selling.  Huge press slam where he throws Guerrero onto the top turnbuckle.  He goes for the big boot but Eddy drops to his knees offering his hand.  Regal appreciates that show of sportsmanship, saying it’s what the business is all about!  The hand is swiped away and Test with a tilt-a-whirl into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall.  Eddy flips over on the pumphandle and shoves Test into the referee.  A low blow out of the ref’s view and he quickly schoolboys him to retain the gold.  Post-match Test does connect on the big boot, something Regal thought was “bloody disgraceful”!

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