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[2001-04-12-WWE-Smackdown] Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs Edge & Christian & Kurt Angle & William Regal (Handicap)


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Commissioner Regal is still trying to get some revenge on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and is really stacking the odds against them tonight in yet another handicap match.  They open up strong, managing to clear the ring and isolate Edge.  Belly to back suplex, Lionsault, diving headbutt, but Christian is in to break up the pin.  Christian with what starts out as a reverse DDT only to drop ‘the Crippler’ across his own knee.  The heels are utilising some quick tags so as not to let any of their team tire.  Benoit counters a reverse DDT with a release Northern Lights suplex and hot tags Jericho, Y2J nailing everyone so he’s left all alone with Kurt Angle.  Kurt ducks the bulldog but Jericho then blocks the Olympic Slam.  Double leg takedown into the Walls.  Regal gets cut off by ‘the Crippler’ before he can make the save and ends up locked in the crossface.  Edge and Christian go to break the stereo submissions but they’re both seen coming and they then end up trapped in them.  Maybe, inevitably, the numbers are ultimately too much, Angle clubbing Jericho who falls to the Olympic slam.  The action isn’t finished, although Regal and Kurt probably wished they’d just left to celebrate their win rather than continue to put the boots in as they take another trip to stereo submission central.

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