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[2001-04-12-WWE-Smackdown] Rhyno vs Bob Holly


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Rhyno has been working his way through the Holly family and should at least, in theory, have more of a fight with Hardcore Bob than he had done with Crash and Molly.  Hardcore out to try and restore a bit of honour to the family name.  Both men come out swinging, Tazz and Michael Cole thinking that this will be a very physical match.  Rhyno takes that great bump he does when running into a raised boot.  They’re rolling about on the match as this is turning into a right old scrap.  The two trade chops before Bob ducks one and floors Rhyno with a clothesline.  He drives him backwards into the corner and is just relentless.  Every time referee Jimmy Korderas pulls him off he’s right back on the attack.  Rhyno eventually snaps and gores both Holly and the official.  Molly Holly runs out and passes a trash can to her cousin which he dents over Rhyno before swinging it into his head.  The match seemingly just ends at that point, presumably a non-decision.

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