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[2001-04-12-WWE-Smackdown] Triple H vs Jeff Hardy


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Michael Cole says that Matt Hardy and Lita, after a brief stay in hospital, are resting at home tonight following the brutal attack on them on Raw.  The era of the lengthy promo to kick off the shows sees Triple H, Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley out at the onset.  We’re in Philadelphia tonight and that very much looks like Hat Guy front and centre a couple of rows back.  Triple H says how a month ago the World Wrestling Federation was a pretty rosy place, but here we are just a few weeks after Wrestlemania and how things have changed.  ‘Stone Cold’ and himself are now the two most dominant men in the WWF (note: The Rock has been indefinitely suspended by Mr McMahon) and they will do what they want, will take what they want and if you try to stop them, just ask the Hardy Boyz and Lita.  Austin carries on, basically saying he did what he did because he could and there’s not a single person back there who can stop him.  He starts laying into the fans when Jeff Hardy runs down and cracks Triple H in the back with a chair and then Austin in the head with it.  Stephanie slaps him, he gives her the Twist of Fate and then sprints out of there before anyone knows what’s just happened. 

We’re back from an advertisement to see an angry Triple H paying a visit to the Commissioner’s office.  He tells him that nobody does that to his wife, he doesn’t care what he has to do, even if it means putting the Intercontinental title on the line, but he wants Jeff Hardy tonight.  Regal says not to worry and that he’ll take care of it.

Jeffrey, as Regal calls him, is summoned and the Commissioner let’s him know that Triple H is furious, has demanded a match and doesn’t even care if it’s a title match.  He congratulates him on getting a title match but warns him if he ever besmirches Stephanie again he will never get another one.

Kevin Kelly grabs a quick word with Jeff who says that winning the Intercontinental title would be great, but tonight is about payback for Matt and Lita.

Cole wonders if Jeff, a tag team specialist, knows what he’s getting himself into against one of the best in the business.  Talking about business, that’s what ‘the Game’ is tonight, no calm, measured entrance, no posing on the apron and spitting water into the fans, he goes straight for the man who laid out his wife earlier in the show.  Triple H takes it to him, Tazz saying how Jeff needs to avoid being in close as he can’t utilise his speed advantage.  Stephanie is shown watching on from the dressing room and although holding her neck, liking what she sees.  Jeff catches him with a flying headscissors followed by a pair of dropkicks as he looks to build momentum.  He unloads with punches while on the middle turnbuckle but ‘the Game’ just shoves him backwards.  Whisper in the Wind for a near fall.  Hunter sidesteps the charge and sends him to the outside.  Jeff blocks having his head slammed into the ring steps and slams Triple H’s into it instead.  He goes for a dive off the barricade however HHH catches and powerslams him onto the ringside mats.  That wasn’t executed the cleanest so they repeat the spot, this time Jeff being slammed after diving off the apron.  Back in the ring Hardy tries to fire back but runs into a high knee, ‘the Game’ deciding against the cover so he can dish out some more punishment.  He’s picking his shots, talking trash as he does so.  Jeff escapes the sleeper with a jawbreaker and hits a side Russian legsweep.  As he heads upstairs HHH grabs referee Tim White by the shirt and pulls him into the ropes causing Jeff to crotch himself.  White and Triple H get into a shoving match which results in White getting bumped.  With Hardy still stranded up top HHH joins him, setting himself for a superplex, when Matt Hardy, not at home recuperating after all, sprints down the rampway into the ring and cracks him with a steel chair.  Swanton bomb and White comes around to count the three as we have a new Intercontinental champion.  There’s a huge response to the title change that Cole calls the “upset of the decade.”

Whether they decide to build on this for Jeff or whether it will be a quick return to the tag team ranks will be interesting to see.

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