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[2001-04-14-WWF-Metal] Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn vs Low Ki & Alex Arion


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The only version I could find of this online was missing the introductions and joins the action right as Malenko tags in Saturn, Ki down on the canvas.  Alex Arion is probably best known for a handful of appearances in the formative years of Ring of Honor.  Ki counters the Saturn powerbomb with a jawbreaker.  Flying headscissors followed by the Tidal Crush.  Arion off the top with a missile dropkick, however in doing so he inadvertently sends Saturn hurtling towards his own corner.  Ki tries a second handspring, this time though Malenko snatches and dumps him.  He tosses him to the floor and then causes a distraction so that Saturn can drive him backwards into the metal ring steps.  Delayed vertical suplex.  Malenko sits Ki upstairs for a belly to back superplex, Ki fires off some elbows and after Malenko crashes to the mat hits a high crossbody.  He’s unable to make the tag, Saturn grabbing an ankle when he was only inches away.  Enzuigiri and now he makes it.  Nice dropkick by Arion.  Saturn catches him on the crossbody attempt so Ki gives his partner a helping hand by dropkicking him in the back.  That brings in Malenko who clubs Ki, sending him through the ropes to the outside.  Big clothesline to Arion, Saturn then with the spinning cradle suplex for the three.

Almost a step up for in in terms of WWF opposition here, meaning that it’s not either Essa Rios or Crash Holly for once.  Perfectly fine action but I can’t say he overly stood out though here as he did in those matches.

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