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[2001-04-16-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Bob & Crash Holly


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This match was originally scheduled for last Thursday on Smackdown, however due to Rhyno taking Crash out backstage it never took place.  Jim Ross points out that Crash, the Light Heavyweight champion, has the unique opportunity to leave the arena tonight with two title belts.  After the challengers make their entrance Rhyno sneaks out and gores Hardcore Bob before the bell.  Edge screams for it to be rung and, when it is, immediately makes the cover only for Crash to save his cousin.  Referee Tim White throws Rhyno out of there but it looks like the damage has been done.  Christian with a reverse DDT, dropping Hardcore across his own knee as they continue to work him over.  JR calls the champions “nice long haired boys from Toronto.”   Holly blocks the piledriver and counters with an Alabama Slam although can’t make the tag.  He forces the escape from Edge’s reverse chinlock and nails him with a textbook dropkick.  Now he makes it.  Tornado bulldog onto Christian, as Crash gets to his feet though Edge spears him out of his boots.  With White trying to clear Christian from the ring, behind his back Molly hits the Molly-Go-Round on Edge.  Great near fall and from their reaction it sounds like the crowd were expecting that to be the title change.  Crash comes off the top with a crossbody but Edge rolls through and hooks his trunks for the three.

Decent TV match. 

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