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[2001-04-16-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho


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Haha, all Angle says is “Your Olympic hero...” and he’s cut off by Chris Jericho’s entrance music.  Y2J says that unless he was going to finish that sentence with “...is a complete and utter ass clown,” then he’s got nothing more to say!  Great armdrag by Jericho into an armbar.  Some nice reversals sees Kurt pick up an early two count.  Angle stomps him down in the corner, whips him to the opposite one but Jericho rushes out with a clothesline.  Hip lock take over.  A springboard dropkick sends Kurt through the ropes to the outside (cool to see a slight variation on that) where he makes the mistake to turn his back on his opponent who nails him with a baseball slide.  Jericho drops him across the barricade and then throws him into the timekeeper’s chair.  Whilst there Angle grabs the ring bell and buries it into Jericho’s ribs.  He slams him into the announce table as Heyman says to leave them it alone as they don’t speak Spanish!  Y2J fires back but is caught on the double axe handle and Angle launches him with an overhead belly to belly.  Belly to back.  Jericho counters the knee to the mid-section with a roll up for a near fall.  Kurt blocks the German suplex and utilises a drop toe hold in looking for the ankle lock, Y2J scrambling to the ropes for the break.  Jericho counters a German with a Victory roll, Kurt kicking out just before the three.  Flying forearm.  Angle rolls out the way of the Lionsault, although Jericho adjusts in mid-air to land on his feet.  With Kurt heading off towards the dressing room, Y2J in pursuit, out from the back runs William Regal who attacks Jericho for the DQ.  The fight returns from the rampway to the ring where the numbers eventually become too much and as a payback for what has happened to them over recent weeks, Angle and Regal put a combination ankle lock/Regal stretch on Y2J.  Chris Benoit with the save and this is great.  He German’s Regal and then German’s Angle right on top of his head.  We return from a commercial break to see that Benoit ended up helping Jericho from the ring, the two having garnered a significant amount of mutual respect for each other after all their wars over the past year or so.

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