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[2001-04-16-WWF-Raw] William Regal vs Chris Benoit


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After the clips of Chris Benoit helping Chris Jericho to the back air we see William Regal still in the ring.  He calls out ‘the Crippler’, telling him that he just blew it, he’s the Commissioner and what he says goes.  He wants a match with him and orders him to get his bloody miserable carcass out here right now.  Benoit answers the challenge and he’s got back up in the shape of Y2J, there to counter Kurt Angle who has stayed by the side of Regal.  The two hit the ring, Jericho taking care of Angle.  Belly to back and ‘the Crippler’ looks to make short work of the Commissioner but there’s no-one home on the diving headbutt.  Clubbing forearms followed by some snug uppercuts from the former Lord.  Stiff kicks to the back.  Knee strikes and more uppercuts as Regal dictates the pace.  Seated abdominal stretch.  He telegraphs the backdrop and Benoit with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Vicious knife edge chops by ‘the Crippler’.  A pair of rolling belly to back suplexes, Regal firing off an elbow to block the third.  The Commish throws him to the floor where Angle rams him into the apron.  That brings around Jericho, the ref stepping to the outside to try and separate the two as they go at it.  Meanwhile inside Regal has the Regal Stretch locked in.  With the official still trying to calm the situation, as he talks to Angle, Y2J hops into the ring to break the hold.  Benoit then applies the crossface and Regal taps before Kurt has the chance to do anything.

I could watch these two get it on all day.

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