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[2001-04-16-WWF-Raw] Eddy Guerrero & Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn vs Test & Billy Gunn & Raven


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What a thrown together face (is Raven a face?) team.  Gunn and Test don’t bother waiting for Raven, Paul Heyman wondering if they can even trust him.  Nice spinning side slam by Test on Malenko.  Eddy immediately offers his hand to Gunn on his first foray into the match, it’s ‘the One’ though who ends up crossing him.  He doesn’t see the blind tag and as he presses Eddy overhead Saturn blasts him with a superkick.  Belly to back suplex.  Gunn hits the Fameasser on Malenko but gets felled by an Eddy cheap shot from the apron.  Slingshot senton.  The Radicalz are doing their best to keep ‘the One’ on their side of the ring.  Saturn clotheslines him across the top rope and pulls him to the floor where he drives him into the ring steps.  Back inside, Malenko with some repeated kicks to the sternum.  Pumphandle suplex by Saturn after Gunn had initially blocked the German.  ‘The One’ catches him with a tilt-a-whirl and hot tags to Raven.  Bulldog on Eddy, Saturn in to break up the cover.  That brings in Test who plants him with a full nelson slam and then obliterates him with that great looking big boot of his.  Malenko clubs Test in the back leaving Raven all alone with he and Eddy.  Raven avoids the Eddy splash off the top and although Eddy rolls through, he snatches an arm and hits the Raven Effect, getting a huge pinfall over the European champion.

A sizeable upset seeing Eddy do the job to Raven, although I’m guessing that’ll lead to a European title match for him on Smackdown or on next week’s show.  I still think they need to get Eddy away from the Radicalz although kinda like the idea of Saturn as his muscle.  I don’t see any place for Malenko any more.

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