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[2001-04-16-WWF-Raw] Jeff Hardy vs Triple H


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Michael Cole grabs a word with Jeff Hardy when he arrives at the building, wanting to get some comments about having to give Triple H a rematch for his newly won Intercontinental title.  That’s all fine by Jeff because they (the Hardyz) still have some unfinished business of their own after what Steve Austin and Triple H did to Matt and Lita last week.

It’s a busy show for Cole who not too long later has an interview scheduled with Steve Austin.  That interview has barely gotten underway when Austin is blindsided by Matt Hardy.  JR talks about him wanting revenge for what ‘Stone Cold’ did to Lita while Heyman thinks he must have a death wish.  A bunch of referees eventually separate the pair and restore some order back there.

Triple H and Stephanie are in their dressing room when they’re joined by a livid ‘Stone Cold’.  He wants HHH to help him go kick the Hardy Boyz’ asses but Hunter is more concerned about his upcoming I-C title match, thinking if they go and do exactly that then Jeff won’t be able to defend the belt against him later.  Austin then offers to help him win the title back but Triple H turns the offer down, telling him that with the state he’s in he’ll screw the whole thing up and get him DQ’d.  He suggests going back to the hotel and calming down, saying that he’ll take care of this.

Matt’s giving Jeff a pep talk in the dressing room when Lita shows up, defying their request for her to stay in the hotel.  They try to tell her that it’s not safe here but she can’t just sit back and wants to be right with them should anything go down.

As the Hardyz make their way through backstage ready for the match they’re met by Commissioner Regal who bars Matt from ringside due to his earlier attack on ‘Stone Cold’,  He then threatens him that should he take one step out there he will strip Jeff off the Intercontinental title on the spot.

No Matt so the champion only has Lita in his corner, Stephanie in her husband’s.  To quote Jim Ross, HHH “opens up with intensity and physicality.”  Heyman calls it “embarrassing” for Triple H to have lost the I-C title to Jeff.  That’s hardly putting over the Hardyz.  Delayed vertical suplex, the opening few minutes having been all ‘the Game’.  He drops a knee across Jeff’s forehead for a two count before mounting and raining down punches.  Hardy tries to fire back after escaping a second suplex but gets caught with a powerslam.  Abdominal stretch, HHH grabbing the top rope for some added leverage.  Referee Earl Hebner eventually kicks his arm away and although Jeff hip tosses himself free he can’t really get a footing in the match, constantly being cut-off every time it looks like he might be finally getting into it.  After a facebuster, Lita breaks up the cover by pulling Triple H off Jeff.  Stephanie goes to slap Lita for interfering but she blocks her shot and then takes off after her, HHH having to get down in front of his wife at which point Lita thinks better of it.  ‘The Game’ throws Jeff to the outside, however he doesn’t see that he’s grabbed the title belt which he clocks him in the head with, Triple H being sent flying over the announce desk.  Hardy slams him into the ring post and then the ring steps, the tide having finally turned.  Missile shotgun dropkick for a two count, HHH barely getting a shoulder up.  Jeff picks up a bunch more near falls but can’t put the challenger away.  Triple H sidesteps out the way of the Whisper in the Wind.  He goes upstairs himself but gets nailed with a dropkick and ends up seated on the top turnbuckle.  Top rope Frankensteiner.  HHH avoids the Swanton as we cut backstage to see Matt Hardy watching on a monitor.  Steve Austin jumps Matt, beating him down, all this apparently being shown live on the Titan Tron.  Lita is in a quandary over what to do and decides to go and check on her boyfriend when through the curtain comes Austin, Lita now trapped.  In the ring Triple H pins Jeff to become the new I-C champion, that happened off camera though as they were concentrating on Austin and Lita.  It’s only on the replay do we see he got the pin with the Pedigree.  Austin and Triple H give the Hardyz a right old post-match beating, blasting them with hard unprotected chair shots and ‘Stone Cold’ removing his belt to use as a whip.  With the Hardyz helpless HHH points to Lita, who Stephanie grabs by the pants and throws inside.  Just as they’re about to do the unthinkable to her, the lights in the building go out and Limp Bizkit kicks in.  It’s not Fred Durst coming to her rescue but the Brothers of Destruction.  HHH and Austin act like they’re ready to fight, however the moment Kane and the Undertaker enter the ring they immediately exit, saving the fight for another way.  Great finish to the show.

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