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[2001-04-17-IWA Japan] Kintaro Kanemura & Mr Pogo vs Freddy Kreuger & Leatherface (Barbed Wire Baseball Bat)


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The barbed wire bat is placed in the middle of the ring with each team on opposite sides of the building.  They were supposed to wait until the count of ten to sprint, that’s probably not the right word considering who is involved here, to the ring where the first person who grabs the bat can use it, but Kanemura doesn’t bother waiting and sets off early.  Freddy steals it away from him and swings it into his chest before terrorizing some fans in the crowd.  The women are clearly frightened by him given the screams you here!  Kanemura whips Freddy into rows of chairs, it may not be IWA Mid-South but it is an IWA show after all!  Ah, this is clipped.  I thought it might be and it is.  Pogo and Leatherface have disappeared backstage, literally as its pitch blank and we can’t see a thing.  Leatherface actually shoves a fan who gets too close to the action.  Kanemura, who has been busted open, hands Pogo his sickle which he sticks into Freddy.  Pogo is looking real big here, like seriously overweight.  He gets hold of a knife which he slashes across Freddy’s, likely padded, back.  Bulldog onto the barbed wire bat.  Draping DDT onto the bat, both times Freddy getting a shoulder up on the cover.  Pogo hangs him over the top rope with a chain while on the other side of the ring Leatherface catches Kanemura as he goes up top and slams him onto a mass of steel chairs that had been bought inside.  Leatherface saves his partner but they end up getting whipped into one another.  Kanemura with a bodyslam followed by the senton splash for the win.

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