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[2001-04-19-WWF-Smackdown] Kane vs Rhyno (Hardcore)


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A very smartly dressed Commissioner is opening proceedings on tonight’s Smackdown.  He says “hello” to all his good friends in Nashville, although judging by their response he doesn’t have many.  First piece of business he has involved the Brothers of Destruction and he calls them out to the ring to join him.  When they do the Commissioner wonders what on earth they were playing at Monday night on Raw?  Attacking ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Triple H as they were celebrating their victory!  He let’s them know that that will not be tolerated, that you should not interfere in other people’s matches and suggest they stay away from Austin and HHH.  Regal thinks that Kane looks ready for action and it’s only fair he defends his Hardcore title, the man he’ll be defending it against, Rhyno. 

Rhyno is accompanied by Edge & Christian, however the Undertaker quickly takes care of them, fighting them into the crowd.  Inside the ring it’s all Kane.  After a flying clothesline he grabs Rhyno around the throat and plants him with a chokeslam.  The match is seconds away from being over when Kane is attacked from behind by both Austin and Triple H.  They destroy him with chair shot after chair shot, Tazz reminding everyone that this is a Hardcore match so it’s all legal.  The Undertaker is nowhere to be seen, lured out the building by Edge & Christian in what looks like one giant set up.  When they’ve finished their attack Austin puts Rhyno on top of Kane and we have a new WWF Hardcore champion.  On hearing Triple H’s music Taker rushes back to the ring but Austin and ‘the Game’ scarper before he can get his hands on them.

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