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[2001-04-19-WWF-Smackdown] Eddy Guerrero vs Grandmaster Sexay


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A rare singles match for Grandmaster Sexay who has been teaming with Steve Blackman recently, doing an “odd couple” tag team.  The Grandmaster starts dancing and Eddy immediately takes advantage.  Eddy kicks out of the cover after a DDT and then rolls to the outside.  Baseball slide dropkick.  Bloody hell, GMS with a bulldog onto the steel rampway.  The European champion ducks out the way of the flying crossbody but is soon once again on the defensive as he takes his customary bump into the top turnbuckle.  Enzuigiri.  Eddy kicks the Grandmaster off as he goes for a spinning toe hold, sending him crashing into the ring post.  Belly to back.  He takes way too long climbing the turnbuckles and GMS is able to capitalise, landing a superplex.  As he heads up top himself, Eddy grabs the leg of referee Tim White.  White pulls himself free, but in doing so loses his balance and stumbles into the ropes causing the Grandmaster to fall to the mat.  Eddy with a quick rolling cradle , putting his feet over the ropes for added insurance and he retains the gold. 

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