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[2001-04-19-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley (Tables)


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The match has been set up by Commissioner Regal, his idea of punishment for the four due to all the ongoing issues he’s been having with them.  Just as things are about to get underway they’re interrupted by the Commissioner along with Kurt Angle.  He has a couple of announcements.  First of all he tells Chris Jericho that he will be facing him in a ‘Duchess of Queensbury Rules’ match at Backlash, the rules of which he will explain at a later date, while Chris Benoit will meet Kurt Angle in a 30 minute Ultimate Submission match, where the man who gets the most submissions in thirty minutes win.  The two teams pair off, ‘the Crippler’ and Bubba taking it to the floor while D-Von and Y2J go at it inside.  Angle has stayed on the ramp to watch, and no doubt to try and interfere at some point.  Michael Cole and Tazz are puzzled over these ‘Duchess of Queensbury’ rules.  Jericho nails D-Von with the springboard dropkick but is then floored by a Bubba Samoan drop.  Benoit is in, although he ends up on the receiving end of a Bubba bomb.  Wazzup diving headbutt.  Kurt is shown smirking with the Dudleys in control of things.  They collect a table from under the ring which they rest on the apron, Y2J goes for a baseball slide but they lift the table up, he slides underneath it and they then run the table into him.  Jericho recovers to move it out the way just as the Dudleys are about to flapjack his partner through it.  Moments later, after Y2J had been laid across it, Benoit cuts off D-Von as he heads to the top.  ‘The Crippler’ is clubbed by Bubba but then Jericho sends him sprawling to the outside.  Bubba saves his partner from being double superplexed through the table and then D-Von flips it out the way when Benoit looks to German him through it.  Missile dropkick by Jericho to D-Von.  They lay him on the table and Y2J goes for the Lionsault but as he leaps to the middle rope Bubba pulls him out to ringside.  Benoit has climbed to the top turnbuckle, although with the ref turning his back on the in ring action to try and deal with Bubba and Jericho, Angle runs down the aisle and gives him a shove.  D-Von moves out the way and ‘the Crippler’ crashes through the table, the official, unaware of what happened and only seeing him piled up in the wood, then awards the match to the Dudleys.

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